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    All of our ideas for products are conceived and created in Amsterdam by our own team of designers and illustrators, yet the products themselves are produced around the world. And that’s something we’re proud of.

    To us it matters much more how something is produced than where it is produced. Though, we're not a fan of saying we work with factories. Rather we say we work with people. It’s because of our daily communication with our partners that we like to refer to them as human beings. Also, we’re not afraid of mentioning the whereabouts of the people we work with. Why would we?

    — We aim to change the world where it’s needed the most!

    Kalito Group

    Kalito group is an export oriented apparel manufacturer from China, committed to making garments in a safe, responsible and friendly way.

    After having worked with various other companies for our boxers we finally landed with Kalito, mainly because of their high standards when it comes to quality, the environment and social responsibility. Now they produce more than half of our product categories. It’s because they take pride in being SA8000 (Ethically Correct Certified Company) and GOTS certified, which are some of our main conditions for producing our products. We hope to continue our partnership with Kalito as they’ve proven to us they meet our needs through quality and reliable delivery.

    — Read more about Kalito Group at www.kalitogroup.com


    Based in Izmir Turkey since 2005, Narkonteks Tekstil AS is known for making ready-to-wear garments with high attention to Fair Trade, Human Rights and a clean environment.

    When we started making socks in 2016 we chose Narkonteks for the simple reason they were already used to producing garments with responsible fabrics such as ECONYL yarn and GOTS certified organic cotton, the two main components of our socks. Not to mention they were very professional in the way they handled our requests and demands. To this day they’re always proactive in showing us new fabrics and techniques as well as inspiring us with new ideas for our products. We visit our partners at Narkonteks regularly to evaluate and discuss future plans. We love that they always welcome us with open arms.

    — Visit www.narkonteks.com to find out more.


    Waste2Wear, known for producing innovative products made from recycled plastics, has taken transparency to the next level by turning information into storytelling.

    Waste2Wear has developed its own blockchain-based system. For us as a clothing company this means we get to track the journey of the plastic waste bottles, step-by-step, until they become a finished textile product. For you as a fan of A-dam this means you can actually follow the incredible journey your product has made, by simply scanning the QR-code on the label attached to your swim shorts. It specifies not only the number of recycled plastic bottles used for the, but also water and energy savings. Pretty interesting stuff! 

    — On www.waste2wear.com you can find even more information.

    A-dam wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the people putting in the love and effort to help make our products.