In the early ’10s 
in a very boring

…looking to purchase a new pair of boxers for a date, Job - one of four founders - had an epiphany; we should start our own underwear brand. But not just an underwear brand.

A better one. Better in every way. 
One that isn’t advertised by photoshopped sixpacks. 
That doesn’t boast its name over the entire waistband. 
And one without eye-blinding colours. 
Rather, a responsible brand with a planet and people first philosophy. 
A couple of hundred meetings, hurdles and mistakes later, there it was; 
the first planet friendly boxer named A-dam.

In the meantime Job’s date has become the wife 
and the boxer has become part of a steadily growing wardrobe 
of extraordinary essentials.  


So who are these four clowns? 

Job Leusink

Job is the CEO and a friendly spider in the web coordinating and advising on all important issues. And making sure all divisions from e-commerce to warehouse are aligned with one another. 

Wouter v/d Brink

CFO Wouter, next to being the numbers guy that keeps A-dam afloat, is first and foremost a people’s person. Keeping the company and the team happy and healthy. 

Steven Borghouts

Steven is the CCO. By literally conquering the elements and being the embodiment of adventure, Steven manages to keep creating brand preference in stores all across Europe.

Nick van Beijnen

Nick is CMO and the creative brain behind the brand leading the design and the marketing team. A guy who knows that you don’t have to take yourself serious to be taken seriously.

Not just an Underwear Brand Not just an Underwear Brand Not just an Underwear Brand

Get down with A-dam.

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A better world is created together. And if we all start making conscious choices we believe we can help turn the world into Paradise.

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